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หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักส์
หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักส์

หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักส์

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ยี่ห้อ : TOA
รุ่น : WM-4200
ราคา: 9,040 บาท
พิเศษ : 7,950 บาท
ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย Wireless Microphone

TOA WM-4200 ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย Wireless Microphone


  • WM-4200 Wireless Microphone

  • The WM-4200 Wireless Microphone employs a dynamic microphone element with high input handing capacity and is suitable for vocal applications and other professional uses.

  • One frequency can be selected from 64 operating frequencies (4 banks x 16 channels) of 690 - 865 MHz.

  • An optimized PLL-synthesizer minimizes the oscillation frequency drift resulting from the ambient temperature or voltage fluctuation.

  • Dynamic range of over 110 dB can be obtained when the unit is used in combination with the WT-4800.

  • Audio level control adjusts the microphone sensitivity.

  • Power switch features a lock mechanism to protect accidental power-off.

  • Battery lamp indicates battery consumption to prevent the unit from malfunctioning when the battery level remarkably decreases.


Microphone ElementDynamic type, Cardioid pattern


Frequency Range690 - 865 MHz, UHF

Selectable Channel64 frequencies (the number of channels may differ from country to country)

RF Carrier PowerLess than 50 mW

Tone Frequency32.768 kHz

Maximum Input Level145 dB SPL (Audio level adjustment: Minimum)

Maximum Deviation±40 kHz

Audio Frequency Response70 - 15,000 Hz (with WT-4800)

Dynamic RangeMore than 110 dB (with WT-4800)

Battery6LR61 (9 V x 1)

Battery LifeMore than 10 hours (alkaline)

IndicatorPower/Battery lamp (orange LED)

Antenna1/4 l helical type

Operating Temperature-10 to +50°C

FinishResin, rubber coating, dark gray

Dimensionsø52.2 x 279.4 mm (antenna length included)

Weight270 g (with battery)

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