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ยี่ห้อ : YAMAHA
รุ่น : Yamaha STAGEPAS 150M
ราคา: 26,500 บาท
พิเศษ : 26,500 บาท
ตู้ลำโพงพกพา ลำโพงแบบ 2-Ways Complete System 8" Input stereo Powered Mixer plus a Speaker 150W พร้อมแถมขาตั้งลำโพง

Yamaha STAGEPAS 150M ตู้ลำโพงพกพา Complete Sound System - 8 Input stereo Powered Mixer plus a Speaker

** สินค้าหมดครับ แนะนำเป็นรุ่น Yamaha Stagepas 300 ชุดเครื่องเสียง Portable PA System พร้อม Powered Mixer 150 W. + 150 W. ลำโพงแบบ 2-Ways, LF: 8" จำนวน 2 ตู้

  • ชุดเครื่องเสียง Portable PA System

  • พร้อม Powered Mixer = 150W.

  • ลำโพงแบบ 2-Ways, LF: 8" จำนวน  1 ตู้ 

Versatility and Power-in Four Portable Systems

Combining high-performance power and accurate sound reproduction with remarkable versatility in a portable package, Yamaha's STAGEPAS Series Portable PA Systems are fast becoming the standard for musicians and other PA users on the go.

These combination mixer/amplifier/speaker systems are exceptionally lightweight, portable and full-featured. Since virtually everything you need is in one, easy-to-use package, you can be set up and playing within a matter of minutes. And when you're done, you can be packed and back on the road again with the same ease and speed. Yet despite the simplicity and compact size, these systems cut no corners in sound quality or versatility, and in fact give you some advanced features not normally found in systems of this class.

The series now includes the new single-speaker STAGEPAS 150M and 250M, which can be expanded to a stereo system by simply adding a second speaker. They can also function either as an ultra-portable PA system, or as a powerful keyboard amplifier-with sound quality and portability that far surpasses any other conventional keyboard amp. No matter what system you choose, you have a high-power, highperformance sound system ready for a wide variety of venues and events, both indoors and out.

  • Ideal for Monitor Speaker Use

  • Useful features for keyboard players and other performers

  • High-performance 8" 2-way Passive Speaker

  • Flexible 8-channel Powered Mixer

  • 150-watt Class D Power Amplifier

  • Detachable Powered Mixer

  • Speaker Stand Mountable (with optional accessory)

Ideal for Monitor Speaker Use

The STAGEPAS 150M and 250M are effective as a monitor speaker system (especially for keyboard players, drummers and solo performers), thanks to its fullrange reproduction, convenient mixing controls, and versatile speaker placement.

  • For Keyboard Players
    Keyboard players needing a simple, yet exceptionally high-quality keyboard amplifier will find ideal solutions in the STAGEPAS 150M and 250M. These compact, highly portable and easy-to-use systems can serve as your main system for small gigs, or as a sub-mixer for direct connection to the main mixer at large events.



  • For Guitarists
    The STAGEPAS 150M and 250M are excellent systems for guitarists playing in small venues, since they deliver outstanding sound for the house as well as great monitor sound for the player.





Mic inputs2

Mixing channels2 mono + 3 stereo

Input channel functions2-band PEQ, Digital reverb(CH1-2)

Onboard processorsMusic/Speech, Click assign function

Onboard amplifiersMaximum output power @6ohms150W


General specifications

Total harmonic distortionLess than 0.5%

Frequency responseMixer section0, +1.0, -3.0dB; 20Hz-20kHz

Speaker section-10dB; 55Hz-20kHz

Hum & NoiseEquivalent input noiseLess than -106dBu (CH1/2)

Residual output noiseLess than -65dBu (SPEAKERS L/R)

CrosstalkLess than 70dB

Speaker enclosure2-way bass-reflex type, Polypropylene

Speaker componentsLF8" cone

HF1" compression driver

Maximum output level (1m; on axis)112dB

Power requirementsAC100V, 120V, or 220-240V; 50/60Hz

Power consumption20W

DimensionsWidth275.0mm / 10" 7/8

Height455.5mm / 17" 7/8

Depth255.0mm / 10" 1/8

Net weight9.6kg / 21lbs 1/8
(Speaker x2 + Powered Mixer)

AccessoriesOwner's manual, AC code, 1x Speaker cable

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