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Video Conference
ยี่ห้อ : Video Conference
รุ่น : Yealink VC120-12X-Phone-MCU
ราคา: 237,400 บาท
พิเศษ : 215,820 บาท
Video Conferencing Endpoint with MCU

Yealink VC120-12X-Phone-MCU Video Conferencing Endpoint with MCU



• H.264 high profile, saving 50% bandwidth

• Yealink intelligent firewall transversal

• Bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment

• Video recording and playback

• Remote diagnosis

• Dual displays and ‘focus’ feature

• High compatibility and interoperability



The VC120 is Yealink’s latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for small and medium-sized meeting room. It is designed to provide ease-of-use, high-quality and cost-efficiency. To make life easier still, the VC120 supports an Intelligent Firewall Traversal which allows users to plug and play with no further firewall configuration from box to work in just five-minutes. In addition, VC120 also supports bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment, and an 8% resistance packet loss. In the latest version, users can enjoy 8-party 720P calls (asymmetric) with multipoint license, plus linkages to mobile phones or PCs for a more convenient conference call experience.It is definitely the best choice for business video conferencing.



 H.264 high profile, saving 50% bandwidth

 Yealink intelligent firewall transversal

 Bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment

 Video recording and playback

 Remote diagnosis

 Dual displays and ‘focus’ feature

 High compatibility and interoperability

System Components

> Codec VC120

> Yealink VC120 codec

> Yealink VCS Phone

> Yealink Full-HD PTZ Camera

> Yealink Remote Control


 Full-HD Camera

> Yealink VCC20

• 12x optical zoom PTZ camera

• Horizontal field of view: 70°

• 1920 x 1080 video resolution

> Yealink VCC18

• 18x optical zoom PTZ camera

• 1920 x 1080 video resolution


 Video Standard and Network Suitability

> H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263 

> Bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment 

> Forward Error Correction (FEC), anti 8% video and 20% audio packet loss 

> Shared content and audio preference strategy 

> Bandwidth Auto adaptive/Protocol Auto 

adaptive/Audio/Video call Auto adaptive


 Audio Input

> 1 x Yealink VCS Phone VCP41

> 1 x Yealink VCS Phone VCP40 (optional)

> 1 x Yealink Array Microphone VCM30 (optional)

> VCS Phone with 2 CPE80 Expansion Microphones 

> 1 x Line-in (3.5mm)


 Audio Output

> 1 x Yealink VCS Phone VCP41

> 1 x Yealink VCS Phone VCP40 (optional)

> 1 x HDMI

> 1 x Line-out (3.5mm)


 Audio Features

> Audio Codecs: G.722.1C, G.722.1, G.722, G.711 u/a

> Audio technology: AEC, VAD, CNG, PLC, AJB, AGC


 Call Features

> 8-party 720P calls (asymmetric) with multipoint license

> Dual 1080P30: people+content sharing

> Layout: full-screen, equal, one big/one small

> Dual displays and ‘focus’ feature

> Audio/Video recording and playback

> Screenshots in USB flash drive

> Sleep mode, DND

> Meeting password, Anti-attack

> Call statistics

> Auto answer, mute, and call waiting

> Intelligent searching

> Local directory:

500 entries + 100 meeting entries

> Call History: all/missed/received/dialed 

> LDAP phonebook

> Multi-language support


 Standard Communication Protocol

> H.323/SIP

> Dual stream protocol: H.239/BFCP (SIP) 

> FECC: H.224/H.281

> H.323 protocol suite:

H.225, H.241, H.245, H.235 v3

> Gatekeeper account and SIP account


 Network and Security

> TCP/IP (IPv4), DHCP/stastic IP

> HTTP/HTTPS web server

> SRTP/TLS, AES encryption

> QoS: 802.1p/Q, Diff-serv


> Time and date synchronization using SNTP

> Built-in certificate


NAT and Firewall Transversal


> Yealink intelligent firewall transversal

> OpenVPN

> H.460


 Configuration Management

> Configuration via browser/display

> Firmware upgrading, factory resetting

> Export or import configuration

> SNMP, audio/video and network diagnosis

> Package tracing and system log exporting


User Interface

> 1 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet

> 2 x HDMI, 1 x DVI, 1 x VGA

> 1 x Yealink Audio port (RJ-45)

> 1 x Line-in (3.5mm)

> 1 x Line-out (3.5mm)

> 1 x power port

> 2 x USB2.0 port

> 1 x power key

> 1 x security lock slot

> 1 x reset slot


 Other Physical Features

> External universal AC adapter: AC 100~240V input and DC 19V/3.42 Output

> Power consumption (PSU): Idle<2.8W,

normal operating: 24W; MAX: 30W

> Dimension (W*D*H): 

Codec: 330mm*183mm*40mm;

Phone: 320mm*260m*52mm;

Camera: 282mm*152mm*159mm;

Remote control: 190mm*55mm*24mm

> Operating humidity: 10~95%

> Storage temperature: -10~50°C


 Package Features

> N.W/CTN: 7.2kg

> G.W/CTN: 8.4kg 

> Carton Meas: 418mm*350mm*420mm

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