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หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักท์
หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักท์

หจก.อินเตอร์สเปเชียล โปรดักท์

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ยี่ห้อ : TOA
รุ่น : TS-904
ราคา: 4,140 บาท
พิเศษ : 3,312 บาท
Long microphone for Chairman/Delegate units: TS-801, TS-802, TS-901, TS-902

TOA TS-904 Long microphone for Chairman/Delegate units: TS-801, TS-802, TS-901, TS-902

  • System Features and Outline

  • Bilingual conference system. Either English interpretation (main audio) or Japanese interpretation (sub audio) is selectable for monitoring.

  • Operations such as giving speech permission can be done from the operation PC. *Custom design.

  • The number of conference units can be set for any of one, two or four persons allowed to talk at a time.

  • All speeches during the conference can be recorded clearly.

  • Sub audio(Japanese interpretation) is not recorded.

  • Threefold choice vote function enables the voting just at the press of a Vote key on each unit. The result can be instantly totalized on the Central unit.

  • Speeches can be addressed to audience via sound amplification. * The sub audio output is not amplified

    Model No.TS-903

    TypeElectret condenser microphone


    Rated Impedance1.8kO

    Rated Sensitivity-37dB(1kHz.0dB=1V/Pa)

    LED IndicatorSpeech indicator (ring type)

    Frequency Response100~13,000Hz

    Output ConnectorCombined type of XLR-4-32

    FinishGooseneck: Stainless steel, black Other: ABS resin, black


    Applicable Unit (Option)Chairman/Delegate units: TS-801, TS-802, TS-901, TS-902

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