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ยี่ห้อ : MIPRO
รุ่น : ACT-52/ACT-5H
ราคา: 22,000 บาท
พิเศษ : 19,000 บาท
ไมโครโฟนแบบมือถือเป็นไมค์แบบคู่ สามารถปรับความถี่ได้ 16 ช่อง

MIPRO ACT-52/ACT-5H ไมโครโฟนแบบมือถือเป็นไมค์แบบคู่ สามารถปรับความถี่ได้ 16 ช่อง (ช่อง A และ ช่อง B ปรับความถี่ได้ช่องละ 8 ฃ่องความถี่)

ประกอบไปด้วย ACT-52 UHF Dual Channel Diversity Receiver 1 เครื่อง และ ACT-5H Standard Handheld Transmitter 2 ตัว

ACT-52 UHF Dual Channel Diversity Receiver


  • Single & Dual Channels 1/2-rack design.

  • Up to 8 preset compatible systems per band.

  • Industry’s only color VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) delivers a very bright light with exceptionally clear contrast for clear viewing in day/night environments.

  • Industry’s only interference indicator.

  • Features MIPRO’s patented and now, industry standard “AutoScan” and ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) channel setup technology.

  • Diversity technology for optimum reception.

  • Dual-squelch "PiloTone & NoiseLock" circuits minimize interference.

  • Proprietary high performance RF filter and circuitry improve anti-interference characteristics and increased compatible systems.

  • Displays all pertinent parameters on the same screen for easy control and monitoring.

  • Transmitter battery status meter.

  • RF & audio meters.

  • XLR & 1/4” audio outputs.

  • Rugged metal construction.

  • 100m(330ft.) operating range.(line-of-sight)

  • 100% design and made in Taiwan ensures high product quality and value.


  • Oscillation Mode: PLL synthesized

  • Stability: ±0.005% (-10~50℃)

  • Carrier Frequency Range: UHF 620~934MHz

  • Sensitivity: S/N>80dB@10dBuV input

  • Max. Deviation Range: ±68KHz

  • S/N Ratio: >105dB(A)

  • T.H.D.: <0.5% @ 1KHz

  • Frequency Response: 80Hz~18KHz

  • Maximum Output Level: Three options: +10dBV / 0dBV / -6dBV

  • Output Connectors: XLR balanced & 6.3φ phone jack unbalanced. Multi-channel system can switch between separate or mixed output. 

  • Audio Output Adjustment: The world’s first wireless system with output level accurately pre-adjusted to equal to the microphone capsule sensitivity and ensure optimal performance. 

  • Squelch: Innovative "PiloTone & NoiseLock" dual-squelch circuit. 

  • Power Supply: External AC power supply, 12~15VDC. 

  • Dimensions: 210(W)×44(H)×206(D)mm / 8.3(W)x1.7(H)x8.1(D)"

  • Weight: 0.9kg / 2.0lbs

  • Matching Transmitters: ACT-5H, ACT-7H, ACT-5T, ACT-7T

  • Note: Varied specifications on carrier frequency range and maximum deviation to comply regulation of different countries.

ACT-5H Standard Handheld Transmitter


  • Rugged construction.

  • The cardioid condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, low echo feedback, clarity and accuracy sound image.

  • Optional, easy to change dynamic and condenser capsules.

  • ACT sync setup.

  • 4-segment battery status meter.

  • LCD shows group & channel.

  • 20 hours battery life per 2 AA batteries.

  • 100 m (330 ft.) operating range.


  • Housing Material: Plastic

  • Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized

  • Carrier Frequency Range : UHF 620~950MHz

  • Bandwidth: 24MHz

  • RF Output Power: 10~30mW (or dependent on applicable country regulations) 

  • Spurious Emissions: <-55dBc

  • Max. Deviation Range: ±68KHz 

  • Maximum Input Level: 148dB SPL

  • Microphone Capsules: MU-78, MU-39

  • Battery: AA×2 (alkaline)

  • Display Status: LCD displays battery fuel gauge, channels, and error message.

  • Dimensions: 50(Φ)×260(L)mm / 2.0(Φ)x10.2(L)"

  • Weight: 220g / 7.0oz

  • Note: Varied specifications on carrier frequency range, maximum deviation, RF output power and spurious emission to comply regulation of different countries. 

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