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ITC Audio
ยี่ห้อ : ITC Audio
รุ่น : iTC Audio T-240H
ราคา: 16,500 บาท
พิเศษ : 14,900 บาท
High Efficiency Combined Power Amplifier

iTC Audio T-240H High Efficiency Combined Power Amplifier


Leading-out Terminal70V, 100V

Output Power60W120W240W

Input Sensitivity& ImpedanceMIC1, 2, 3, 4 input:5mV/600Ω Unbalanced 6.3 connection terminal

AUX1, 2 input:350mV/10KΩ Unbalanced RCA connection terminal

EMCinput:775mV/10KΩ Unbalanced 6.3 connection terminal

Output Sensitivity & Source ImpedanceMIX OUT:1000mV/470Ω Unbalanced RCA connection terminal

Pitchlow pitch:±10dB at 100Hz

high pitch:±10dB at 10KHz

Frequency Response50Hz~16KHz(+1dB,-3dB)

SNR( Noise-signal Ratio)MIC1, 2, 3:66dB; AUX1, 2:80dB

Harmonic Distortion< 0.5%( 1KHz, 1/3 Rated output power)

Silent Voice FunctionMIC 1 Prior to mic2-4, aux1-2 audio input

 EMC Priority for all audio input

Channel Crosstalk Attenuation≥50dB

Heat RadiationForced fan cooling after side entry, Boot fan, Steplees speed changing

ProtectionOver temperature protection, over current protection, short circuit protection

Power Supply~220-240V  50/60Hz

Power Consumption100W180W350W



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