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ยี่ห้อ : INTER M
รุ่น : Inter-M PA-60
ราคา: 11,980 บาท
พิเศษ : 10,790 บาท
เครื่องขยายเสียง Integrated mixer amplifier

Inter-M PA-60 เครื่องขยายเสียง Integrated mixer amplifier


The Inter-M PA-60 are integrated mixer amplifiers. They are complete and economical multi-purpose desktop mixer-amplifiers providing a cost-effective solution to public address and similar applications. Three versions are available with outputs of 60 watts respectively into direct (4 ohms) or distributed (70V/100V line) speaker systems. Each have six inputs; five microphones or line level selectable balanced on XLR-F and/or euro block connector inputs with rear mounted level selector switch setting the input sensitivity from mic to line level. The sixth input is high impedance unbalanced on summing RCA connectors. A telephone input terminal is provided for telephone paging. Base and treble tone control provide sound equalization. VOX priority override is available on mic 1-2 and telephone inputs. Additionally there is a preamp mix out (500mV, 600 ohm); main amp in (1V, 47k ohm); which allows linking of multiple amplifiers together. A master volume control, loudspeaker zone selection (5 zone and “allcall”) on 70/100 volt outputs and built-in chime and siren tones (manual operation) is also featured. The PA-Series amplifier is designed for reliable service in permanent installations, and comes complete with short-circuit and thermal protection and is ideal for voice reproduction and BGM applications. The PA-Series is an ideal solution for medical offices, restaurants, schools, etc.


Frequency Response (CH1~6)
The new PA-60 offers enhanced frequency response compared to the former PA-2000. With an improved widened frequency response of 50Hz to 16Kz the new PA series offers better speech intelligibly and higher quality sound for Music reproduction.

S/N Ratio
The new PA series has a higher signal to noise ration than its predecessor does. With a 78db S/N the new PA series delivers better desirable power ratio than noise giving it great tone and high-resolution sound.

Power Consumption (1/8W Output)
Among their advantages is their power efficiency, reduced power consumption and lower heat dissipation over traditional amplifiers.

Power Consumption (1/8W Output)
Among their advantages is their power efficiency, reduced power consumption and lower heat dissipation over traditional amplifiers.

Weight / Size
The new PA Series offers reduced size and weight for easier portability and economy in transportation costs.

Phantom Power
Phantom power is now available on inputs 1 to 3 allowing the use of high sensitivity condenser microphones.


Speaker Zone Pre-set
The SPEAKER ZONE ON PRESET can be set via these DIP switches. 
This function allows the amplifier zone output selector to revert to a pre-set selection when the power switch is turned ON.
For example, by setting DIP switch1 and 3 on, this will set the speaker zones 1 and 3 on when the power switch is turned on.

This input can be used to expand the mixer inputs. It is the input to the power amp stage of the mixer amp. An external mixer can be connected to this input and expand the input capacity of the Mixer amplifier.

The MIX-out is a line level signal output of the mix bus. It can be used for recording, linking to another amplifier for additional power, or linked to a processor and subwoofer amplifier.

Input Selection Switch (INPUT 1~3, INPUT 4~5)
INPUT 1 ~ 3
Select LINE, MIC or PHANTOM depending on the input signal. Select PHANTOM to supply DC voltage required by condenser microphone.
· INPUT 4 ~ 5
Select LINE or MIC in accordance with the input signal

Priority Volume Control
Sets the ducking level giving priority to telephone, mic 1, mic 2, EXT in, chime and Siren, over all other BGM inputs.

The PA-60 employs a protection circuit to protect the amplifier from momentary or long-term overload and overheating. The PROTECTION LED on the front panel when lit indicates that the protection circuit is activated. No audio will be heard when the amp is in protection mode.

External CHIME connector
The CHIME can be remotely activated by connecting a push button switch to this terminal.

EX MUTE connector
The output level of INPUT 3~6 are controlled by the priority control volume when the external mute switch
terminal is closed.


  • High-efficiency Class-D Amplifier
    Offer greater power efficiency over traditional amplifiers, reduced physical size and lower heat dissipation.

  • Multiple input
    6-Inputs (3 x 3 pin balanced XLR/ euroblock, 2 x balanced euroblock, 1 x stereo phono)
    Telephone input (Euroblock connectors)

  • Priority broadcasting
    Priority-telephone, mic 1, mic 2, chime and Siren, in order from ch1 to ch6.

  • Phantom Power Supply
    PHANTOM POWER is available (INPUT 1 ~ 3) for use with condenser microphones.

  • Input/Output Monitoring
    Channel-specific input signal LED Output level 7 segment Bar graph LED VU meter.

  • Base and Treble tone controls
    Provide user adjustable sound equalization.

  • 5 Zone speaker selection
    Allows the selection and audio broadcast to a specific speaker zone, all zones or any combination of all 5 zones.

  • Announce tones
    Chime & Siren

  • Expandability
    Line in / Line out

  • Optional 19” rack kits (BKT-PA2000A)

    It can be used when the external chime and mute switch terminal is closed.

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